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CVS International: Utilise PA System Hire Experts to Boost Your Brand

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Utilise PA System Hire Experts to Boost Your Brand

Brand awareness is key to business growth no matter what size your company, and prime sponsorship opportunities can do a great deal to raise public awareness of your brand. Why not take the initiative yourself and organise a special event - with yourselves as main sponsor - to promote your services to the masses?

You can arrange things such as audio visual hire, projector hire and PA system hire, and you have the option of hiring a stylish hall or hotel assembly room. You could instead arrange to host the event at one of the universities if you are working on a tighter budget.

Working with schools and universities is a great way to promote an event. You could perhaps arrange a film or photography competition between universities or a business plan challenge for young students. Offer a few prizes, arrange an awards ceremony and use the entire event to promote your brand and get the word out.

If you work with a school or university with a strong background in media or television, you will probably be able to arrange work-experience with their media department, giving you a crew of eager production runners and stage-hands.

A large event of this type will bring lots of eyes to your brand, with applicants from all over bringing friends and relatives to the awards as well as having the full promotional support of the schools or universities that you work alongside.

Having an annual prize named after your brand or CEO as an Inter-University Trophy is a great way to build links into the local community and get your name out there. If the event takes off, you may end up with a national competition on your hands, and the event itself may even end up as a profitable project in its own right.

The key to giving a strong impression is, of course, to make sure the event goes off without a hitch and looks as professional as possible. Arrange for specialist projector hire, PA system hire, lighting rigs and other stage-production elements and blow the audience away with your awards show.

Please take a look at the many options for PA system hire and other event production equipment and feel free to contact the team at any time for more information.

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